Self-Care Free Trial Week


The goal of DAMES is to provide its members with self-care tools that can be used to help them rediscover their center and empower them to make educated decisions for their child. Every week members are given access to a new guided mediation on Mediation Monday, access to a new yoga/Pilates/fascial stretching class on Wellness Wednesday, and access to a fitness class on Fitness Friday. We also offer a webinar for our members every month.

Experience a week of DAMES membership by using the tools below to find your center and empower yourself.  

Meditation Monday


Take time for yourself and relax after a hectic weekend with a guided meditation by Cerise Patron.

Wellness Wednesday


Feel the stress melt away as you participate in our restorative yoga classes. Pull up a mat, put on some comfy clothes and lets get started.

Fitness Friday


Get back into an exercise routine with this fitness routine that is designed for you to do at home, on your time. Put on your sneakers and lets get to work.

What’s the Science Webinar


This webinar introduces Angela’s Vlog series and also reviews the basics of scientific principles, and tips and tricks we can use when we are looking at scientific articles.