Instructor Bios

Cerise Patron

Meditation Guru

Cerise Patron a wife, and mother to 4 children, is also a Motivational and Inspirational Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, and Dreamer. She has been performing since she was a child, and singing and writing Positive music for the last 17 years. Her music has been featured in 2 Independent films, and 3 of her original songs have been given Honorable Mention at the Empower Positive Music awards. In addition to performing, she also writes personalized Inspirational songs for individuals, and organizations, and she is on the ministerial Track in Religious Science.   Her third CD, “If Not Me” was released just a year ago, and she is currently working in the studio on her fourth. While she continues to perform Internationally, she calls The Valley of the Sun home.


Christine Jacobs

Pilates Instructor

A small article in Vogue magazine about Pilates accompanied by a picture of hanging pull-ups on the Trap Table led Christine to find a studio back in 1999. She has been a student of Pilates ever since. After 6 years of Pilates classes twice a week, Christine decided to make a career change. Her original career path in Supply Chain Management was not a fit for her family life any longer. Christine loved Pilates and the changes she saw in her own body as well as others after practicing the method. She knew a second career in teaching Pilates was the right path to follow.

Christine completed her comprehensive Pilates certification in 2007 through Core Dynamics Pilates under Michele Larsson.

She has seen the power of Pilates work on all body types, ages, and physical abilities. Christine is known for challenging her clients and helping them make their Pilates practice strong. She loves to remind clients they can use their Pilates principles in their daily life and activities.

Christine has worked in small boutique Pilates studios and currently teaches in the Pilates studio at Lifetime Fitness Tempe. She teaches small group equipment classes as well as private sessions.

Christine is also a level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist certified through the Stretch to Win Institute.


Tanya Paty

Fascial Stretching Instructor

Tanya Paty is a certified Pilates instructor, Posture Alignment Specialist, and Fascial Stretch Therapist, and is the owner/operator of Inner Strength Alignment Studio in Phoenix AZ. 
Tanya’s work focuses on rebalancing the body’s alignment through Pilates, postural exercises, and fascial stretching and reconditioning.
You may contact Tanya at
480-415-3964 or
and you may follow her on Facebook at
and on Instagram at Inner.Strength.Alignment

Shari Kensley

Yoga Instructor

Hi, I’m Shari Kensley. I’m a body-positive community yoga teacher. I teach community yoga classes in unconventional places and online to help people feel empowered to understand and care for their own bodies anytime, anywhere.

I make yoga accessible to people of all capabilities, body types and economic backgrounds because I believe everyone has the right to access tools that make them feel safe, comfortable, and at home in their bodies.

Over the past three years I’ve taught over a thousand hours, to hundreds of people from ages 8 to 88, in schools and businesses, at workshops, events, group classes, one-on-one, and online.

I specialize in teaching basic body mechanics, alignment, and how to find YOUR version of each pose to safely stretch your body and function with more energy and less pain!

You may contact her at 310-869-6797 or

Aaron Schultz

Personal Trainer

Aaron is the owner of After It Training. In 2016 he partnered with long time friend Nick Murrieta at After It Training after realizing they have the same dream. With a strong sense of community and real passion to motivate people, Aaron brings a breath of fresh air to the fitness industry. Always learning more, Aaron incorporates 15 years of experience working with the human body.

Education/Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer- ACE

Carrie Markham

Personal Trainer

Carrie Markham is a 5th generation Phoenician who decided upon high school graduation to accept a two sport collegiate athletics scholarship in Charlotte, NC.  Upon graduation from Belmont Abbey College in 2009 with a BS in Sports Management, she continued her education at Pfeiffer University receiving a Masters in Leadership and Organizational Change.  After receiving her Masters, she stayed in the south another few years working an internship in the NBA and began her softball coaching career.  In 2012, Carrie decided to make her trek back across the country to her hometown of Phoenix where her love for softball led her to start her own softball pitching coach career which transformed to personal training.  After spending countless hours with female athletes who struggled to perform specific motions with their pitching form, Carrie became more interested in biomechanics and focusing on the differences in the male vs female bodies.  Her experience in working with softball pitchers has not only tested her patience but grown her knowledge in the way the body moves naturally and efficiently.  Increasing body strength and flexibility is the key to softball pitchers success, and I believe it is just as pertinent to the aver women’s body.   Efficiently structured workouts by Carrie will not only help you reach your fitness goals, but will help you manage your personal obligations while taking care of your own health needs.

Education/Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer- NASM

Sarah Havemann

Personal Trainer

Sarah is an ambitious wellness advocate from Chicago. Her love for fitness started back in high school when she played volleyball, basketball, and softball. She knew she wanted a career in the field and attended Northern Illinois University studying Exercise Science and Nutrition. Her Senior year, she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Struggling to control her diabetes as well as weight was challenging. After moving to Arizona she decided to make a whole lifestyle change which included changing her diet completely and discovering HIIT training. She transformed herself and finally got her diabetes under control.

Her goals are to share her story to inspire and help people.
She has training experience when she volunteered at a retirement home working with the residents making fitness programs to help them reach their goals. She also interned at wellness center working with a dietitian. She currently is also a Chiropractic Assistant helping with therapies and educating patients on wellness. Sarah loves to come up with creative workouts that are both fun and challenging. She loves helping people reach their goals and wants to educate more people about fitness and wellness to live a healthy happy lifestyle.

Education/Certifications: B.S. Exercise Science and Nutrition

Kelsey Able

Personal Trainer

Kelsey’s passion for fitness started at an early age participating in various athletics. Not only does she enjoy being in the gym herself, she has grown a desire for helping others with their pwn fitness. It started as helping friends plan workouts to meet their goals and she has enjoyed seeing the progress that they’ve made that she decided to put some actual work in field, get certified and start building programs to help as many people as she can.

Kelsey understands that people all want to feel confident and look their best. She spent years working as a hairstylist, so she gets the service mentality and what matters most to her now is getting that confidence from a different route. She is very passionate about helping people and wants to build a more holistic approach to fitness for her clients that revolves around good mental, spiritual and physical health. Kelsey continues to grow as a trainer and educate herself as much as she can to get a grasp of the entire field of fitness and what is possible for her clients.

Education/Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer- NASM