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About D.A.M.E.S

D.A.M.E.S. was created for mothers, by mothers of differently abled children.


It’s goal is to provide mothers with:

    • Access to a community of peers via an online forum.
    • Access to monthly webinars with experts in education rights and disability rights, financial wellness and self-care.       
    • Access to weekly meditation, yoga and exercise classes that mothers can take whenever they find time in their busy schedules.

D.A.M.E.S behind D.A.M.E.S.


Owner Bio

Michele Knowlton-Thorne

Michele Knowlton-Thorne, founder of D.A.M.E.S. LLC, has created an empowerment society for mothers of differently abled children.

Michele is a parent of two differently abled children who have been diagnosed with autism. After overcoming the depression and grief that came with this new reality, Michele is now focused on helping other mothers find their way out of depression and into healing. Seeing the need for community, self-care and education for the mothers of differently abled children she developed D.A.M.E.S..

Michele’s work and life experiences includes the following:

  • Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees from Arizona State University
  • 5 years of work as a geneticists
  • 2 years of work as an adjunct college professor
  • 5 years of Managing of JM3 properties
  • Starshine Scholarship recipient 2018
  • Founding member of the Care for the Giver Conference
  • TGen Ambassador
  • Pilot Parent of Southern Arizona Participant 2020
  • Certified Autism Specialist by the the IBCCES

D.A.M.E.S. is always looking to offer work opportunities mothers of differently abled children who are looking to help and give back to this community. You can contact Michele at michele@damesusa.com.

Why name the company D.A.M.E.S.?

A Dame in the British Empire is the female equivalent to a Knight.


The acronym D.A.M.E.S. was chosen because women who are raising differently abled children embody the characteristics of a Knight. They selflessly lay down their wants, needs, and desires for another, for their children. They battle relentlessly for them and they do so with courage, grace and patience. They sacrifice, they adapt, they educate, and they are determined to create a more accepting world for their differently abled children. They are to be recognized as warriors and be honored as stewards of our community.

The Logo

Dames are still anointed as Commander, Officer or Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE, OBE, MBE). These posts are awarded medals and they all share a similar shape, the cross patonce. When Dames are announced and anointed they are given these medals. The D.A.M.E.S. logo was designed to emulate them.


The outer limbs of the cross have been filled by mother’s caring for their children, the red ribbon has been replaced with blue to represent calm and strength, and the center has been filled with a golden chrysanthemum which has been used by the Chinese for healing and meditation for centuries.


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9920 S. Rural Rd, #108-141
Tempe, AZ 85284

+1 (602) 320 6556


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