A Call to Action

Last week I reached out to families and asked them to share their stories about how online in-home schooling is going and to find out what more needs to be done. Parents are worried about their children falling behind because schools are not making accomodations for their children. Many mothers have had to quit work to stay home and attempt to do online learning, and many days end with tantrums and very little education being accomplished.

As long as children are at home, parents need at home support during the school day.

Parents need to be able to hire respite workers to help their children get an education online.

This week our communities story and plea for help was on the radio (below), in the AZ Republic (click here), and in local papers around the Valley (above).

The Opinion above was sent out to the Governors Office,  to Arizona’s Superintendent Kathleen Hoffman, and sent to leadership at DDD.


If you want to get your voice heard please email our leaders and ask them to lead and to help our community through this difficult time. 

Contact List:

Governors Office: Click here

Superintendent Hoffman: 


Department of Developmental Disabilities: